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Galeri Art Point  
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     Coming Events 活动预告:    
    2014 Her Presence In Colours - Mongolia (International Art Exhibition) 2014 她的色彩空间- 蒙古(国际)  



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  My Experience In Olympic Fine Arts, Beijing, China. 2008 (Artist : Dr. Yuen Chee Ling)  

Past Events 过去的活动


2012 Her.Vision II - Malaysian.Singapore Women Artists Exhibition

2012 .新视野- 马新女画家联展


2010-2012 International Artist-In-Residence Program           

2010-2012 国际术家交换计划


 2010 The 9th National Lifelong Learning Festival (Korea)   Good News

 2010 第九届终身学习艺术节(韩国)  好消息


 2010 Excellent Young Artists - Malaysia (Painting Awards) 

 2010 杰出青年画家 - 马来西亚(绘画大赛)  
   2010 Art International Exchange - Shanghai  2010 国际艺术家交流展-上海  
   2010 HER.NEW VISION - Exchange Exhibition for China & Malaysia Women Artists  2010 .新视野-中国。马来西亚女艺术家交流展  
   2010 ShangHai World EXPO "Tour cum Exhibition"  2010上海世博游及国际美术交流展  

 2009 Art International - Penang (100 Excellent Artists Exhibition)

 2009 国际艺术节- 槟城(国际100杰出画家展)